Ami McConnell offers a variety of services, summarized generally below. “I often refer to my work as midwifery. I help authors give birth to books. As a mother of five, I love this metaphor because creating a book can be grueling, arduous work, but in it’s also a deep and exquisite joy! I’m in my sweet spot calming, coaxing, and coaching authors through this mysterious process. My goal is to help them bring their most authentic, vivid voice to life on every page.”   

Manuscript Viability Review ($500-$1500) 

Reviews proposal and/or manuscript (partial or full). Provides assessment of strengths and weaknesses.    

Macro-editing ($5000+) 

Reads full manuscript and provides extensive editorial overview letter & an annotated manuscript. Includes consultation call and limited follow-up emails.   

Collaborative Writing (Inquire for pricing.) 

Maps out the scope and substance of a project and, in consultation with the author, delivers an edited, final manuscript.   

Proposal Development and Editing ($1000+) 

Creates custom book proposals to engage literary agents and/or editors.    

Cover Copy Writing ($500+) 

Crafts marketing copy that will capture readers’ attention.   

Consulting (Inquire for pricing.) 

Works with publishers and authors to create commercially viable book products. Authors who desire coaching over an extended period pay a retainer fee.   

Book Mapping (Inquire for pricing.) 

Guides the author through an intensive session, mapping out the scope and substance of a manuscript.